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Good Physical Therapist: What is good physical therapy?

What is a good physical therapist?

I think good physical therapist have the following qualities:

Meaningful communication is an important quality you should look for in your physical therapist. Your therapist should consider your specific needs and be able to explain or instruct you on how and why they are using a modality (Physical therapy modalities are a variety of treatment tools used by therapists to decrease pain, inflammation, and treat muscle strains).

Examples of modalities:
1. Manual Therapy: a hands-on technique to restore tissue movement some common techniques:

  • Trigger Point Release- pressure applied that releases a small area of muscle that is tight and tender (Knots)
  • Myofascial Release- stretching connective tissue that surrounds/interconnects muscle tissue with all the body

2. Exercise: a specific repetitive movement to increase strength, range of motion (ROM), balance, or coordination some common examples:

  • Lunges a controlled stretching step with the foot landing away from the body while bending the hip and knee
  • Stretch in a standing, sitting, or laying posture held for a period of time to lengthen: tendons, ligaments, muscles.
in my opinion, patients should understand the purpose of applied modalities and how it will help them reach their goal. Sometimes people do not find the time to do their exercises prescribed or don’t like to do them because they are uncomfortable. If the exercise is difficult or not done–for any reason–the therapist and patient should consider new options to specifically meet the needs of the patient.
Good physical therapists explain what the patient’s problem is and how to fix it. All good physical therapist establish a trusting relationship with their patients.