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Back Pain

Back pain comes from a variety of factors: poor posture (the worst posture), stress, injury, are some common reasons. However, almost everyone experiences back pain at one-time or another view this link:  In fact, there are articles that state 90% of Americans experience back at least once in their life-time. Even if you have arthritis, surgery (lamectomy or fusion), fibromyalgia ect…you can still benefit from physical therapy to solve your problem.

Many patients I see usually wait before they get the problem fixed. Many say…I thought it was getting better, and it would just go away. As the article reports above, if it is not gone in a couple of days then you should see a medical provider.

Most people in Arizona do not know that a doctor’s referral is not required to see a physical therapist. So why wait? More often then not, I can reduce your symptoms by at least 1-3 points on a 0-10 pain rating scale. Then it gets better and less frequent from that point forward. It is not magic, but it is applied science!