Severe Muscle Tension

One of the most common complaints is tension in the neck and across the upper back or shoulder area.
Sitting at a desk or computer is one of the main causes of chronic neck and shoulder tension, producing not only joint and muscle pain, but headaches as well.

Take the time to stretch whenever you get the chance and whether sitting, standing or walking, concentrate on holding your chin in and your shoulders back. In other words changing your posture. I cannot stress enough, POSTURE, POSTURE, POSTURE!

There may be something mechanically causing a re-exacerbation of your symptoms for instance extra cartilage or an extra first rib, or a previous injury such as a fractured clavicle which would re-exacerbate neck pain. Stress is another big problem which will limit your diaphragmatic breathing, contributing to poor posture and restricted movement. Myofascial restrictions throughout certain areas have also caused chronic pain for years in some of my clients. This can only be released in a certain way, not just through deep tissue massage. Also touch for health kinesthesiology has helped some of my chronic pain patients who had muscle reactivity.

Lack of stability in your spine and neck may not have been addressed in prior therapies, especially as yoga emphasizes only certain stretching.

At the Healing Center of Scottsdale, we offer a unique treatment program with the ATM2 device. ATM2 stands for Active Therapeutic Movement which is based off of Mulligan theory, a joint mobilization technique.

Jeff Juraska, PT

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