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Why do my Hips and Legs hurt or crunch when I move them?


The "Crunching Sound" you might hear when you move your hips and legs is called "Crepitus". While this can occur without pain (when bubbles form and pop in the fluid in your joints), it can also be caused by Arthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis, or Cartilege tears, in which case it can be extremely painful.

How can Physical Therapy help with Crepitus, Leg & Hip Pain


Physical Therapy helps treat Hip and Leg pain by reducing Inflammation and improving Joint mechanics. By restoring muscle balance, both Pain and Crepitus (crunching sounds) can effectively be treated and future occurrences can be prevented. The Licensed Physical Therapists at the Healing Center of Scottsdale, AZ can help not only alleviate your pain but teach effective techniques to stay mobile and pain-free.


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